︎︎︎Decolonizing Design Reader
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ShiftED 2021: Shifting, Inside-out: Decolonizing the classroom.
Bring it, Usdan Gallery at Bennington College, Spring 2021.
Decolonizing Design Reader.  Print Edition, v2.
Deem Forum Session Two: Respect, June 2021.
How changing the design canon will change the industry, CR, April 2021.
Point of Puncture, DEEM Journal, March 2021.

Publishing will not be another victim of the pandemic, AIGA Eye on Design, March 2021

Hurra Hurra Podcast 23, March 2021.
Black, Brown + Latinx Design Educators: Conversations on Design and Race, by Kelly Walters, 2021.
Grids are Games: Notes on a relationship, Poster House, Spring 2021.
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Design in Conservative Times, Onomatopee 179.
Joy, Imperfection and Humanity in Design.
What Leading Designers, Educators, and Writers Want to see in 2021, Eye on Design.
Serious Business Conversations: Independent Non-Anglo Centric Resources.
Building Raices, Latinx Creatives Panel, Pratt Institute’s Communication Design Department.
Present! v.1.0.3, April 2020.
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“You won’t Believe What this Bizarre Design Cult Eats for Breakfast. The truth will Shock You,” at Cranbrook.
“We must topple the tropes, cripple the canon,” Walker Art Center, Reader: Soundboard 2.0, August 2018.

#BLM / in support & solidarity with AAPI Communities.

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