︎︎︎Decolonizing Design Reader (ongoing).
︎︎︎BIPOC Design History: Incomplete Latinx Stories of Diseño Gráfico.
︎︎︎Puncturing Design, Design Miami.
︎︎︎Bring it Home, Usdan Gallery, Bennington College.
︎︎︎Deem Forum Session Two: Respect.
︎︎︎Talk Less, You’re Going to Hear More.
︎︎︎Disrupting Design with Capital “D.”
︎︎︎“Decolonizing Means Many Things to Many People.”
︎︎︎“We Must Topple the Tropes, Cripple the Canon.”
︎︎︎Design in Conservative Times, Onomatopee 179.
︎︎︎Black, Brown + Latinx Design Educators: Conversations on Design and Race, by Kelly Walters.
︎︎︎Point of Puncture, DEEM Journal.
︎︎︎Publishing will not be another victim of the pandemic, AIGA Eye on Design.
︎︎︎Hurra Hurra Podcast 23, March 2021.
︎︎︎Joy, Imperfection and Humanity in Design.
︎︎︎What Leading Designers, Educators, and Writers Want to see in 2021, Eye on Design.
︎︎︎How changing the design canon will change the industry, CR.
︎︎︎Serious Business Conversations: Independent Non-Anglo Centric Resources.
︎︎︎Present! v.1.0.3.
︎︎︎“Adapting with Ingenuity,” @ RISD.
︎︎︎“You won’t Believe What this Bizarre Design Cult Eats for Breakfast. The truth will Shock You,” at Cranbrook.
︎︎︎Building Raices, Latinx Creatives Panel, Pratt Institute.

︎︎︎Grids are games, notes on a relationship,
Poster House, NYC.


︎︎︎sample students work
︎︎︎conversations on puncturing

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